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SPORTS BLOG: Ken's look at Round 1 Day 2

Ken Brown breaks down every matchup on Day 2 of Round 1 in the NCAA Tournament. Be sure to tune in to WYOU for the tournament fun.

If you took my advice on the first day of March Madness you didn't do too bad. If nothing else I hope you took North Dakota State over Oklahoma. Let's break down Day 2 and see if I can't do a little better.

#5 VCU def. #12 SF Austin: I just don't see it for the Lumberjacks. They have only two loses on the season but one of them was to the only tournament team they played.

#4 UCLA def. #13 Tulsa: In my opinion the South region is the lease likely to experience a slew of upsets. If there is a four seed to go down it's UCLA but the Hurricanes of Tulsa are average across the board. To succeed as a Mid-Major you have to do at least 1 thing extremely well.

#10 Stanford def. #7 New Mexico: Stanford may have twice as many loses as the Lobos but they also have a twice as many quality wins as New Mexico. New Mexico will no doubt win the rebounding column... but not much more.

#2 Kansas def. #15 Eastern Kentucky: The Colonels of Eastern Kentucky are 0-7 all-time in the NCAA Tournament, don't expect that to change in this game.

#1 Virginia def. #16 Coastal Carolina: 'Outsiders' may refer to Virginia athlete's as Cavaliers but the student body knows them as "Wahoos". Legend has it that Washington & Lee baseball fans called the Virginia players "Wahoos" during the rivalry between the two in-state rivals in the 1890's.

#8 Memphis def. #9 George Washington: I think this one is a coin toss but in the interest of not picking an upset in every 8/9 game I am going with Memphis.

#6 North Carolina def. #11 Providence: You can't pick against Roy Williams' success in the dance. He is 62 and 21 all-time, 24 tournament appearances, 7 Final 4's and 2 National Championships. When Williams found out the Tar Heels had Providence in the first round he had to be thinking 'who's next?'.

#3 Iowa State def. #14 North Carolina Central: The state of North Carolina is well known for it's basketball teams... North Carolina Central is not one of them. The Eagles (that's NCCU's mascot) may be on a 20 game winning streak but they haven't faced a true test since before the Christmas holiday.

#1 Arizona def. #16 Weber State: The Kissing Frenzy at Weber College (now Weber State) broke out after Pearl Allred finished singing at the annual Weber faculty assembly in 1943.

#9 Oklahoma State def. #8 Gonzaga: What is there to like about Oklahoma State? They couldn't put up a winning record in their conference... their schedule is plagued by a 7 game losing streak... and they allow 69 points a game to their opponents. They come from a conference that has 7 teams in the dance... their conference schedule was the tournament before the tournament.

#11 Nebraska def. #6 Baylor: I did just praise Big 12 basketball and now I am picking against a team that had a better year than Oklahoma State, what?!? Terran Pettaway is a force for the Cornhuskers and I don't see Nebraska's rebound issues being a problem against Baylor. The Bears fastbreak style offense should provide easy rebounding opportunites for Nebraska if they have 40 minutes of hustle in them.

#3 Creighton def. #14 Louisiana-Lafayette: Creighton is no suprise at the 3 seed in this tournament. They played well in coference and destroyed Villanova twice, winning by a combined 49 points between the two games. The Blue Jays will have no problem handling a mid-major whose team name can be confused for a wing sauce (Ragin Cajuns).

#1 Wichita State def. #16 Cal Poly: I will say that I don't see the Shockers staying undefeated for long in this tournament... with that out of the way they will handle business and then some against a Cal Poly team that doesn't even have a winning record.

#9 Kansas State def. #8 Kentucky: The Wildcats of Kentucky beat Louisville... and that's about it. I believe in the Big 12 this year and I also believe that Kansas State will end a 3 game losing skid with a first round win... and maybe another in the 2nd round.

#6 U Mass def. #11 Tennessee: This is against my better judgement but based on the way the Atlantic 10 played on Day 1 of Round 1... I'm going with the Minutemen.

#3 Duke def. #14 Mercer: Best basketball player to ever come out of Mercer was Sam Mitchell, he played in more than 1,000 NBA games between the regular season and the postseasoon. However, Mitchell is second on the Bears all-time scoring leaders list to James Florence. Florence scored exactly 300 points more than Mitchell and played in just 7 games more. Mitchell graduated in '85 and Florence in '10... so Mercer doesn't stand much of a chance in '14.

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