Sinking Pool Budgets

Sinking Pool Budgets

As we bake in the heat of summer - public pools get jam packed. But since pools are so expensive to operate, many have closed over the years. Eyewitness news reporter Laurie Monteforte tells us about the struggles pool operators face.
East Stroudsburg, Monroe County -During these hot humid days a community pool is the perfect place to cool off.
But the upkeep of a pool can be very costly for a community.

For example, East Stroudsburg Borough Manager Jim Phillips told us it costs almost 200-thousand dollars a year to run the Dansbury Park Pool.

Right now, the pool needs some repairs. 

That would to the costs.

Many people Eyewitness News spoke to say it is worth it and the repairs should be made.

The Dansbury Park pool is one of just a few public pools left in the county.

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