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Shooting Victim Speaks About His Ordeal

27 year old Josue Vargas of Wilkes-Barre was shot five times at his home last Thursday and today spoke about the ordeal with the I-Team's Andy Mehalshick. Two suspects in the shooting are in custody.
Josue Vargas of Wilkes-Barre says God was with him when he was shot five times last week allegedly by his neighbor Tony Ransome-- Vargas said, "I am a religious man and I read the Bible everyday and I believe God blessed me with a second chance--" Investgators say the shooting was sparked by an argument between Treasa Ransome and Vargas--Tony Ransome allegedly went to Vargas's home with a shotgun to even the score-- Vargas was shot in the arm head, face and back and say he can't believe he is here to talk about what happened-- He added, " I was wearing my grandfather's cross and I know he was watching out for me--"  The Ransome's were arrested in Camden, New Jersey Wednesday night without incident and will be brought back to Wilkes-Barre next week--
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