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Setting Up for the 4th of July

Fireworks are one of America's favorite traditions. But what a lot of us don't know are the hours of prep that go into putting together a show. Valerie Tysanner takes a look.
"We all have a saying that says once you smell the smoke you are never free."
For Matt Walburn and the Hot Shotz Pyrotechnics crew setting up for fireworks shows is more than just a job.
"Its one way to celebrate our country for the troops and everything. we love doing it."
Many are volunteers who set up for fireworks shows simply because they love the the work.
"When you are on the ground and you hear the ground shake from a 10 inch shell goin off its a neat experience." noted Jim Wool of Hot Shotz Pyrotechnics
But preparing for a big fireworks display is no easy task.
The crew must all be certified. and follow specific procedures... to ensure no one gets hurt from the explosions.
The fireworks show may only last 18-20 minutes but it takes an entire crew all day to set up."
"That could take all day depending on the weather the heat a number of different variables" said Wool
Weather is a big variable... water and black powder don't mix too well.
The hours of sweat... and meticulous attention to detail... are more than worth it.. come nightfall.
"I love doing it setting up. doing this stuff getting a crowd, for the people. said Matt Walburn
"there's a danger part of it you know but I think the biggest part of it and a lot of the crew would agree its the spectators enjoying the show " added Jim Wool.
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