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SCI Dallas Remains in Lockdown After Correctional Officer Stabbed

A prison remains under lock down after an attack on a corrections officer at SCI Dallas in Luzerne County. The corrections officer was slashed on his face by an inmate.
Jackson Township, Luzerne County- SCI Dallas remains in lock down after a correctional officer was stabbed by an inmate. According to prison officials the attack happened at around 7:30 Thursday when inmate 40 year old Joel Perez was leaving a housing unit when he attacked one of two corrections officers who were sitting by a desk. .Perez slashed officer  Francis Petroski on the face. Petroski and the other offier tried to restrain Perez. Perez ran out of the housing unit and was tackled by three other corrections officers. Petroski walked himself into the infirmary which was close to the scene of the attack.  He was later transported to a local hospital his inuries were not life threatening.  The prison will be under lockdown all weekend
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