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Schuylkill County Gets Hit Hard with Snow

The storm brought quarter sized flakes to Schuylkill County Thursday.
McAdoo, Schuylkill County - The storm brought quarter sized flakes to Schuylkill County Thursday.  Snow emergency procedures were in place on main roads, so plows could put forth their best effort to clear the way.  Interstate 81 South looked like a scene from the winter olympics Thursday.  Even tow truck drivers took their time heading south towards Schuylkill County. 

Slippery conditions make it hard for people to get out in this kind of weather, but there are a few who are braving those elements.  Signs of life in McAdoo were few and far between, but we did find one brave soul.  "I like to shovel.  I am starting to get too old to shovel, but I don't mind.  I actually like the snow," says Jean Trzcinski.  She doesn't let her age slow her down.  She got a head start tackling the snow, mainly because she is worried about other people.  "I like to take pity on my mailman, just in case he does happen to arrive," she explains and just like that her mailman appears.  "It is what it is.  We got to do what we got to do," yells mailman Tony.  Delivering the mail to Trzcinski was no trouble at all.  "Anybody that shoveled or even a little bit is wonderful.  It's going through the drifts, but we got to do what we got to do," says the postal worker.

Down the street, another person heading out in the storm ran into trouble of his own when the snow blower wouldn't start.  Luckily, he already took care of most of this sidewalks.  "Tomorrow I'll come out and it won't be as bad I hope," says Jason Trimmell, of McAdoo.

We also caught a woman who wasn't going to let the snowy conditions stop her from her motherly duties.  Jodie Drammissi, also of McAdoo, says "I am actually going to get something to eat for supper tonight because of the fact that today is my shopping day." 

It's hard to believe that spring is just over a month away.  Mother Nature has made it clear that winter is here for the long-run.
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