Scam Week: Hostage in Danger Scam

Scam Week: Hostage in Danger Scam

Lead I-Team Reporter Andy Mehalshick tells us about the "hostage in danger scam". A con artist calls your home and says a loved one is in danger and you can help them by sending money..

It's called the hostage in danger scam, a suspect calls your home claiming a relative of yours is in danger and you must send money this case several thousands dollars..or your loved one will be harmed..


"Scary and frightening" that's what Allan Todd of Mahanoy City had to say when he heard about  the scam..


Schuylkill County authorities posted a warning about the scam on their Facebook page. What has police concerned in that case. The caller had personal information on their supposed victim..such as their brother's name- where they worked and his cell phone number..

Police Offer These Scam prevention tips:

1.. ask questions..
2...take notes--listen to scammers voice
3...take down number they use to call
4...  do not send money..
Investigators say in this case in Schuylkill County..the scammers used a prepaid cell phone and although the calls were being made from out of the country it came up as a local number.

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