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Scam Week: Craigslist Concerns

It's scam week on eyewitness news... Every night we take a look at common scams sweeping the nation and what you can do to protect yourself and your family.. Tonight the dangers of buying on sites like Craigslist
 It looked like the real deal..it looked so legit..a veteran from Washingon State had to sell his pick-up truck --very quickly because he was being deployed overseas and he could not be reached on the phone..only over the internet.

One family sent two thousand dollars to the person-they said it all looked legit.  There was no secure e-bay account to send the money to, no pick up truck and it was a fake site.  The family didn't realize it until the money was gone.

Detectives say a red flag is not being able to talk to a person about what you are buying and add if a deal sounds too good to be true it probably is.

 Scam Week continues all week at 11 on WYOU and after the Olympics on WBRE.
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