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Safe Haven Bill Expands

Sometimes new parents just aren't ready for the responsibility of a newborn child. The Pennsylvania "Safe Haven" law was passed more than a decade ago.. to give new parents a way out. As eyewitness news reporter Valerie Tysanner explains, the law is expanding. She spoke with the coroner... Who inspired it.
Jim Kelley has been Northumberland County's coroner for years...
In that time, he's seen a lot. But one of the scenes that sticks with him, even today. Is a baby that never had a chance at life.

"Baby Mary was an infant -- a one day old infant that was murdered by her mother. She was disposed of in the trash." said Kelley

To make sure that would never happen again... He drafted the newborn protection act -- known to many as the Safe Haven act. It passed the state legislature more than a decade ago -- offering new parents another option.

Kelley saidn "A parent it can be the mother or father can take the baby to the hospital. No questions asked they can just place the baby in the bassinet and they walk out the door. They  don't even have to give their name."

26 infants have found a safe haven.
But Kelley says he is constantly looking for ways to save more.

"We've been trying to think 'how can we expand this? We were thinking about churches,  YWCA- YMCA and that sort of thing - but we kept coming back to well they don't have 24 hour coverage."

But police stations do. Which is why as of last week... They are the newest "safe haven" locations in Pennsylvania.

"Just as with the hospitals in the commonwealth, a parent can take the baby to a police station and drop the baby off."

Christina Ulrich is a mother of two. She is thankful for the expansion.


"Especially you know if you're not ready to be a parent and -- O hate to say this about people -- but if you're abusive to your kids"



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