Rescue Pup Inspires New Business to Help Other Pets

Rescue Pup Inspires New Business to Help Other Pets

A rescue dog inspires a family to start a new business in Carbon County. It's called "Stray Dog Candles & Stuff." As Eyewitness News Reporter Sharon Gaeta tells us they're hoping to this line of candles will help shed light on the need for adopting pets.
Carbon County- About five years ago the Hill family was looking to add a four legged friend to their family.
That's when they found "Butchie" at an area animal shelter.
Little did the Hill family know, "Butchie" would inspire them to create a new family business - using old wine bottles.
"These wine bottles are a lot like our dog that we rescued. People discard them and nobody wants them"  said Jeff Hill
A portiion of each candle sold will go directl
y to animal shelters in Pennsylvania.

The total process to make one candle takes about five days.

Nine different fragrances are available for the rescue dog candles .... from Merlot and Concord , to White Zinfandel.
Regardless of taste... The Hill family is hoping you will enjoy the eco-friendly candle .. because Butchi gives it two paws up.

The first public event to showcase these rescue candles is this Sunday, July 27 from 11 a-m to four pm at Hill Side Farms in Lehighton, carbon county.
If you bring an item , such as a can of dog food or toy - you get a discount on the candles.
All the proceeds and goods collected Sunday will go to the Carbon County friends of animals.

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