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Public Invited to Dispose of Old Flags at Flag Day Ceremony

American Legion members will host a special ceremony to retire flags Saturday.

Gilbert, Monroe County – Dave Weaver held up a torn American flag and shook his head, "That is just wrong. That is beyond wrong." Weaver, an American Legion member, can’t stand to see tattered American flags. He said, "You gotta take those flags down. That flag should be flown high and beautiful with all the colors."


Weaver’s family has a long history of military service. He explained, "My grandfather served in World War Two, and Korea, and my brother served in the Iraq war and I signed up during the Iraq war."


American Legion Post 927 in Gilbert, Monroe County has collected more than 1,000 flags that have seen better days. Reverend James W. Mills said, "Flags should not hit the ground, should not be discarded in the garbage because that is disrespectful to the men and women who lost their lives."


They will burn them in a respectful Flag Day ceremony Saturday afternoon. "There's a lot of people out there that don't understand the respect that the flag should be given,” said Mills.


The men say the ceremony is important because flags represent freedoms that people died for. Weaver noted, "It represents everything that we have and we're allowed to do." Mills added, "It means everything to me."


The public is welcome to bring old flags to the flag ceremony at the Gilbert American Legion Saturday afternoon at 2.

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