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Proposed Gun Range Caught In Legal Limbo Regarding Zoning

A proposed indoor shooting range in Luzerne County is caught in a legal tug of war involving zoning approval. Hazle Township approved the shooting range but West Hazleton Officials say it is their decision to make and not the Township's.
Dan Basala says he has already received zoning approval for an indoor shooting range in West Hazleton-- The Hazle Township Zoning Board gave its stamp of approval but West Hazleton officials are crying foul-They insist the borough has jurisdiction over the building located on Lehigh Valley Drive-- Dan Zola, West Hazleton's Zoning Officer, said, "Our maps indicate that 80 percent of the building is in the borough and that means we have a say in the matter"-- Basala says the owner of the building has paid taxes on the property for 30 years and that County maps show the building in Hazle Township--Basala said,"This will be a safe state of the art shooting range that will be a benefit to the community and we are moving forward with the project--" Hazle Township solicitor Charles Pedri told Eyewitness News, "In cases like this there is usually an agreement in place that gives one community the lead--no such agreement exists in this situation--this really is  legal limbo"  --  Jim Yurick lives near the proposed site of the shooting range and said, "I am really concerned about accidental shootings--anything can happen when there are a lot of shooters in one place--"
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