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Post Office Reopens, Roof Safe

Customers line up to get inside post office after a day and a half long closure.

East Stroudsburg, Monroe County – A crowd of people lined up at the East Stroudsburg post office Thursday morning. People were trying to pick up or drop off a few days worth of mail.


Sonny Flood was one of them. He said he was surprised to see the post office closed when he went Tuesday. He later learned postal officials evacuated the building around noon Tuesday. Water was leaking through the ceiling. The government was concerned the weight of heavy snow might cause the roof to collapse. Post Master Joe Vernoski said, "We had some safety concerns and we wanted to address the concerns properly to make sure that there was not an issue."


A construction company cleared the snow. Then engineers inspected the building. Vernoski emphasized, "The building is completely safe. There's no issue whatsoever. But we just wanted to make sure we were safe."


Customers who talked with Eyewitness News weren’t upset. Flood said, "I understand it with the weather the way it is."


Joe Schaeffer said the mail he was picking up wasn’t urgent, though he was hoping to get it sooner. It was a new Wolfgang Puck pressure oven. He said, "I had my turkey in the refrigerator I hope it didn't go bad." But better to buy another turkey than to take a chance with a questionable roof. He said, "I see a lot of roofs caving in."

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