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Porta Potties in High Demand Following Scranton Water Outage

A business that delivers portable toilets is working around the clock to meet the demand during the Lackawanna County water crisis.

Scranton, Lackawanna County -- Workers from Butler Environmental made a delivery Friday afternoon in Scranton that's become all too routine lately. Since Wednesday night's water main break, businesses are practically begging for porta potties. "We've had about 60 units at probably 40 some odd different locations," said Butler Environmental Operations Manager Eric Butler.

One of those locations is the CFM Sunoco on Davis Street that's had its share of struggles dealing with the water outage. "We are making coffee with our bottled water and everything and no running water so we can't even open the deli," said CFM Sunoco Manager Ankit Patel. To have a porta potty for his staff can only be described one way. "Oh a lot of relief because, you know, people are getting cranky and stuff and they're like 'Where can we go."

That was the same problem at Gerrity's Supermarket on Birney Avenue in Moosic. Management there says it could only get by so long using bottled water for rest room purposes. It had Butler Environmental deliver two porta potties. Mr. Butler says there've been higher demand for porta potties in the past such as the Scranton St. Patrick's Parade or the Flood of 2011 but what makes this demand even more intense is that it came unexpectedly. His staff at the Jefferson Township based business has worked practically around the clock to meet the porta potty demand. Fighting the clock hasn't been Butler's only battle. "You're battling the cold weather and you're battling the freezing. You're trying to work with water to keep things clean and to keep things nice and everything freezes so it's difficult." For Mr. Patel, he's just glad Butler Environmental could help him out during the water outage. "What can you do? It's nature," said Mr. Patel.

Butler Environmental is also delivering portable sinks and tanks and making water deliveries during the Lackawanna County water outage.

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