Police Write More Than 200 Citations During "Block Party"

Police Write More Than 200 Citations During "Block Party"

More than 200 citations were handed out following a rowdy weekend in Bloomsburg. The numbers come after an annual celebration known as "Block Party", which has a history of spiraling out of control. Now police say they've had enough.
Bloomsburg, Columbia County - Anonio Lucenti, a Senior at Bloomsburg University, said "Block Party" was filled with chaos.

"There was a lot of stuff being broken," he said. "There were people doing beer bongs off the porch and out the window."

On Fetterman Avenue a number of trash cans were filled with beer cans on Monday.

Over the weekend thousands of people filled the streets of Bloomsburg for block party.

Bloomsburg Police Chief Roger Van Loan, said his department handed out more than 200 citations for kids being drunk, fighting, and destroying property. That's nearly double the amount handed out last year.

"To me a success would be no block party," he said. "As far as a final outcome from police it was a success."

A success because despite the number of citations there were no major incidents like last year where police needed tear gas to control students.

Chief Van Loan said that's probably because he brought in extra officers to deal with the large crowds.
However, he said that comes with a price tag for people who live in town.

"It costs a lot of money to do this," Chief Van Loan, said. "It costs a lot of taxpayers money going into this to keep it at a sane level."

The annual celebration isn't sponsored by the Bloomsburg University, or the town of Bloomsburg.

Chief Van Loan said they're looking into getting it stopped.

Dr. Larry Kleitches, a Bloomsburg resident who also teaches at the university, thinks that's okay if it means he doesn't have to foot the bill.

"I'm paying for something that I'm not involved in," he said. "That's always a nuisance."

Chief Van Loan said as of Monday afternoon he was still tallying the total cost for bringing in the extra man power.
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