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Police: Woman Stole Donations Meant For Fire Victims

A Northumberland County woman is behind bars for stealing. It's what she's accused to taking that's making headlines.
Shamokin, Northumberland County - Ed Kurtz lives just a few houses down from the place where 13-year-old Melissa Pangburn was killed in a fire in December.

Kurtz met 25-year-old Victoria Fortune just hours after the tragedy. He told Eyewitness News he won't forget what she said to him that night.

"She pitied the people it happened to," Kurtz recalled. "She said she was a firefighter and she wished she could help."

Coal Township Police claim Victoria Fortune setup an online donation page to help the Pangburn family.

Court documents show that through the website she collected more than $1,200. Investigators claim Fortune stole more than half of that money and spent it on herself.

Michele Johnson, lives in Shamokin, and knows the Pangburn family.

"To play with someone's heart strings like that, that's just horrible," she said. "I mean there's a little girl that died."

Johnson wonders why Fortune would take the money.

"That just makes it even more sickening," she said. "This poor girl, her death is being just taken advantage of. It's just terrible."

Johnson never donated anything to the site and she told Eyewitness News she's glad she didn't, but she did have a message for Fortune.

"Shame on you," she said. "That's what I would say. Shame on you. That's just awful."

Fortune is still locked up in the Northumberland County Prison.
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