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Police: Teenager Was Shot While Riding Dirt Bike

Larksville Police say a 14 year old boy was shot last Friday as he rode a dirt bike on abandoned coal lands.
Larksville Police say a 14 year old boy was shot as he rode a dirt bike last Friday near old coal lands that border Broadway Street in the Borough. There had been some question as to whether he was shot with a pellet or BB gun. Doctors now say it was a bullet or bullet fragments. The teenager was slightly injured and will be okay. Chief John Edwards said, "We are getting a lot of calls from residents about A-T-V riders who bring guns back here and fire randomly. What they don't understand is there are homes nearby." Ed Hutchko lives near the area and runs an auto repair shop he told Eyewitness News, "We have seen bullets land near home and in yard. This shooting does not surprise me. I just hope people understand we have a lot of elderly residents here and they are scared." Chief Edwards added, "We will begin A-T-V patrols. Our Officers will donate their services so it will not cost taxpayers a penny. They just want to do their part to make this community safer."
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