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Police Offer Tips To Spot Scam Artists In Light Of Mail Lottery Scam

Area law enforcement officials say people can check out possible scammer in s matter of minutes on their home computer.
Luzerne County Detective Chaz Balogh says most scams are easy to spot but he says there are a few things you can do in matter of minutes that can prevent a lot of headaches-  Balogh was reacting to a mail lottery scam that is popping up around the area-- It involves a bogus check sent to people that will supposedly start the process toward receiving some $50,000 dollars-  Balogh said, "You can do an internet search of the company names, addresses and phone numbers--if none of the information comes up or matches then you can feel confident it is a scam no matter how legitimate everything looks--"  Heather O'Gorman from Pringle called the I-Team when she received a lottery offer in the mail-she said, "I called you guys because I was afraid that someone may think it was real and cash the check--"
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