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Pocono Students Organize Mock Crash

Students see how distracted driving can have tragic consequences.

Swiftwater, Monroe County – Firefighters, paramedics, and police rushed to a school to teach students an important lesson. They participated in a mock crash at the Pocono Mountain East High School. The group Students Against Destructive Decisions organized the event.


Teachers say students have absorbed messages to wear seatbelts and not drink and drive but a new problem has taken their place, distracted driving.


During the event students acted out a crash scene. A texting driver crashed into a runner and another car carrying two passengers.

Chaos and screams erupts as they discover the full impact of the tragedy the decision to text and drive caused.


Police, medics, and the coroner arrived to assist in the event. Monroe County Coroner Bob Allen said the kids did a great job of showing what a crash scene can be like. He noted, "It's not horrible for the dead people. It's horrible for the people they leave behind and I think that's one of the main things you have to think about."


Though it was a mock crash, students said it felt very real. “In reality it could happen to anybody,” said Christiana Cragwell. The high schoolers who organized the event hope it sends a strong message. Amanda Ramlochan said, "There is a lot of texting going on out there and people need to realize that it's very serious." SADD Advisor Dana Evans added, "It's really important for me for kids to understand the reality of when you make bad decisions, things could happen."



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