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Pocono Region Enjoys Top Ten Ski Season

Ski area managers say two things helped make this ski season successful.

Tannersville, Monroe County – Michael Doherty of East Stroudsburg spent a lot of time at Camelback Mountain this winter. He said, "We have the value passes so my wife and I come on Thursday mornings." They’re not the only ones who made mountain visits a habit. Camelback Sales and Marketing Director Brian Bossuyt said, "We're having a really good season. We're a little bit ahead of last year and it's probably one of the top ten seasons that we've ever had."


Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau Director Carl Wilgus told Eyewitness News all of the Pocono ski areas did well this year. "Everybody is actually feeling very good,” he smiled. He noted this is one of the ten best ski seasons the region has ever seen.


The natural snow fall helped. Bossuyt remarked, “We actually haven't had to make snow since early February."


Resorts also got a boost from the Olympics. Wilgus said, "The definitely saw the last couple weeks, you know following the end of the Olympics, a rebirth, a resurgence of visitation."

This year will likely break records for the amount of lessons resorts gave. Bossuyt said marketing helped with that. He explained, "We have shaped snow to help learning a little easier. We're trying to take the fear out of learning, make it more fun."


Wilgus said overall he gives this ski season a nine out of ten and that’s good for the local economy. "There's a ripple effect that goes through the tourism industry that really ripples all the way down through Main Street,” he said.


There is so much snow, Pocono ski areas will likely remain open for about one more month.

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