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PennDOT & PPL Crews Prepare for Snow Storm

With the threat of more than a foot of new snow in some places, PennDOT and PPL officials are getting ready.
When a sizeable snowfall is in the forecast, PennDOT and the region's utility companies are getting ready.

Crews say they are ready to work overtime if needed to keep the lights on and the roads passable.

According to our meterologists, there have been at least 26 days of measureable snow in Scranton this season. That means at least 26 different times road crews have had to plow and/or salt the roads.

Many people still haven't dug out their cars from the storm last week.

"I'm tired of it. I wish it was over. I was done with winter December 22nd," Jake Thomas of Cortez said.

Like it or not, PennDOT workers are getting ready.

They have plenty of salt on hand at their shed in Dunmore and all around the region.

"We have about 250 trucks across the region that are prepared. They've already moved into the "shift" mode which means they work from midnight until noon and then a new shift comes in from noon until midnight," PennDOT spokesman James May said.

Many drivers say PennDOT has done the best job they can this winter.

"I think they've done a great job. I do," Mary Ellen Donato of Moosic said.

With our far eastern counties, like Wayne, Pike and Monroe possibly getting hit the hardest, officials will stay fluid to keep the roads passable.

"One of the things that we try to do is to always make sure we're talking from county to county and to look and see if there's a county that's getting more snow, more ice, then we can move some of our resources over there," May said.
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