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Officials In Carbon County Community Crack Down On Problem Properties

Banks Township officials are warning the owners of dilapidated properties to clean the up or else face legal action.
Banks Township, Carbon County-Joe Harmonoski says he is afraid to have his nieces or nephews visit him at his home on West Market Street in Tresckow because the home next to his is falling apart. He told Eyewitness News, "The grass gets to be three feet high. A lot of times my nieces and nephews come over and their maybe rats and snakes in that grass. It is dangerous." Banks Township Supervisor Chairman Joe Clark says the Township is taking an aggressive approach to tackle problem properties. Clark said, "If you own a property keep it up. You would hope your neighbor would do the same. We don't want to issue citations to anybody but there comes a time when we have to restore pride to our community as it once was."  Clark says Supervisors are sending out letters to the owners of the properties. Clark added, " They get 20 days from the first letter to do something then it goes to a District Justice. Ten days after that they get another notice that fines will increase daily unless they take care of the property."
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