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Nurse Admits to Withholding Pain Meds

Investigators say Keri McArdle of Palmerton admitted to withholding those pain medications from at least five patients and then using them for herself..the alleged crimes took place at the Weatherwood Nursing Home
Weatherly, Carbon County-"Well my concern was for his comfort becasue he suffered so much pain in the past so many years."
Thelma's 82 year old husband is one of the patients at Weatherwod Nursing Home who often did not receive his pain medications because police say his nurse Keri McArdle stole those pain meds.  Eyewitness News is not revealing Thelma's last name to protect her husbands identity..
Weatherly police say McArdle admitted she withheld pain pills for patients over a three month period. Thelma says her husband did not always need the pain medications..


Thelma says she is concerned about the four other patients..


But Thelma says she has some sympathy for McArdle..
"I feel sorry, I am sad because of the people that really need their pills and I also kind of feel sorry for her or whoever it is addicted to it because once you get addicted to something  it's so hard to break off it I hope she gets help."
Officials of Weatherwood Nursing home say they are working with investigators and have taken steps to ensure the safety of its residents... McArdle is locked up tonight unable to post $75,000 bail. She will have a hearing next week

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