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New Internet Scam

A warning about a internet scam that's showing up across the area. It involves a supposed sweepstakes connected to Google.
A warning about an internet scam that is showing up across the area
The scam involves an email that informs the recipient they won more than a million dollars in a Google Sweepstakes.
    The message claims that all they have to do is respond to another email to claim the winning ticket.
      The email looks authentic... but it is a hoax.
   The I-Team talked with Detective Balogh says he has spoke to Google. He was told they never run sweepsakes like this..but again ther scamers try to use ther good name send out tens of thousands of these emails knowing that the odds are someone will respond and send them money or give out personal information that can be used to hackinto their bank  or credit card accounts.

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