New App Can Help You Avoid Traffic

New App Can Help You Avoid Traffic

PennDOT has released a phone application that alerts you when there is traffic ahead.
Tannersville, Monroe County – By the time you see the “roadwork ahead” signs it’s probably too late to find a detour. Kirk Wolfe of Pine Grove remarked, "Driving down the road there's not always a sign available to know exactly where you're at."


There’s a new app that can help you avoid the traffic. “I think it’s awesome ‘cause I do a lot of traveling for work,” smiled Carl Burke of Greentown.


PennDOT released a new phone app that gives hands-free, eyes-free traffic alerts. It’s called 511 PA. You can download it on IPhones and Android devices. Kevin Kelly of Morristown reacted, "Knowing where traffic is always helpful, especially with construction and all that stuff."


In addition to the audio traffic alerts, the app will give you links to view traffic speeds and look at live traffic cameras. PennDOT warns you should use those features before you hit the road.


To download the app, visit ITunes or the Google Play store then search for 511PA.



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