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National Limb Loss Awareness Month

April is National Limb Loss Awareness month. The mission is to spread awareness about people living with limb loss as well as prevention. On Wednesday, one Lackwanna County man shared his story about being a double-amputee and his journey to walk again with Eyewitness News Reporter Sharon Gaeta.
Scranton, Lackawanna County- Learning to walk again at the age sixty isnt easy for anyone , let alone using a prostectic leg and foot.  But Bob Gaughan was determined to be independent, once again.

"When it was my turn he said our you ready,  I said yep and he showed me how to put the leg on and I got up and started walking around the gym"

It been a long road for Bob , who suffers from diabetes.
Four years ago, the disease started attacking his immune system- which led to doctors having to amputate  his toes on his right foot.
That healed .. but three years later his left foot has the same problem.
"So a little crack in my foot turned into a major soar... to surgery and turned into me loosing all the toes on my foot and when I was going to rehab the incision never healed  "

Bob spent several months doing physical therapy at the Allied Rehab Hospital in scranton.
When his condition wasn't getting better,   Bob decided amputation would be the best decision from the knee down.

"When you loose a limb most of our goals are to become as normal or as active as we possibly can I don't expect any special treatment"

Then it was back to rehab.
"Learning how to maneuver in a wheel chair and actually learning how to hop around in a walker but only having half a foot it was kind of freakish without the proper balance"

Allied Services Scranton Rehab Hospital has spent millions of dollars in the latest rehabilitation technology and was recently ranked number one nationwide .
Medical director Michael Wolk  says in addition to the latest adavances in medicine, its a family atmosphere,

"They're in an environment where everyone has the same goals to improve their function and get them home " noted Wolk

Bob will be receiving his permanent prosthetic leg this Friday.

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