Mother Of Boy Assaulted For "Hugging A Dog Too Hard" Speaks

Mother Of Boy Assaulted For "Hugging A Dog Too Hard" Speaks

A man wanted for brutally assaulting his nephew is in custody. Police say that Daniel Stahler, Junior, 31, assaulted his nephew for hugging a dog too hard. On Sunday Eyewitness News spoke with the boy's mother, who is also Stahler's sister.
Mahoning Township, Carbon County - Kaitlin Stahler told Eyewitness News that her kids are now afraid to step into their house.

Kaitlin shared a home with her brother, Daniel Stahler, Junior, until he was arrested for assaulting her son.

"I heard my eight-year-old daughter come running up to my room and her exact words were 'Uncle Danny is beating the **** out of Christian'," Kaitlin recalled.

Kaitlin told Eyewitness News that's how she found out her son Christian, who is 5-years-old, was reportedly beaten by his uncle on Thursday night.

Police said the assault happened at the Stahler's home on Mauch Chunk Street in Mahoning Township, Carbon County.

Kaitlin said the situation has been more disturbing since Daniel is her brother.

"The whole incident was heartbreaking considering the fact that he did that to my son and the fact that he's also my brother," she said.

Pictures she took show the bruises Christian had just hours after the assault. Kaitlin said Christian suffered a fractured eye socket and had hair ripped out.

According to police Daniel got mad at Christian after he hugged a dog too hard. That's when investigators claim he hit Christian, threw him into a wall, and slammed his head in a door.

"His response to me when I yelled at him was 'it's okay for him to choke my dog?'," Kaitlin recalled. "It's not okay, but that's not a reason to beat my kid either."

Kaitlin said the incident has torn her family apart. She told Eyewitness News that they want to know what caused the man they love so dearly to hurt someone so young.

"I was shocked that he (Daniel) did it to a kid," Kaitlin said. "But Danny has been under a lot of stress right now, but it was shocking."

Neighbors like Raymond Moser said what Stahler is accused of is unforgivable.
"No excuse," Moser said. "You don't ever hit a small kid."

Kaitlin said that forgiveness isn't something she'll be extending to her brother anytime soon.

"I can't forgive him," she said. "I am sorry for him, but I can't forgive him for this. And while Christian might be young enough to forgive him because he doesn't know any better, I do!"

Stahler faces aggravated assault charges among others.
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