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Monroe County Hit Hard by Winter Weather

Monroe County was one of the areas hit hardest by the first round of winter weather. Phase two also packed a punch in the Poconos.
Stroudsburg, Monroe County - Parts of Monroe County were slammed with two rounds of storms on Thursday.

Eyewitness News caught up with people in between both storms.

Amanda Tipton and her husband were one of the few cars on Interstate 80 late Thursday afternoon. They started the morning in Ohio this morning and were heading back to New Jersey.

"We got stopped on Interstate 80 a few times because people got stuck," she said. "They closed down part of it. It's been pretty bad."

Eyewitness News cameras caught one man who rolled his car on the interstate,

Marty Spisak, along with two other friends, were making the trek from Kansas City to New Jersey when Eyewitness News caught up with them. They were originally supposed to fly home, but the storm changed those plans.

"When I proposed getting into a car with these guys I said 'this is going to be an adventure'," Spisak said. "It should be a lot of fun, but I don't know if I'm going to ever do this again."

The nasty weather halted the plans for truck driver Marty Zipperer. He also started in Ohio Thursday morning and was heading for Connecticut, but the snow and sleet made him call it a day at a truck stop outside of Tannersville.

"I was hoping to be about 200 miles closer," he said. "When you're traveling 30 miles per hour, and then hoping the snow plows get to the road before you do, it kind of puts a halt to your plans."

In Mount Pocono, where officials declared a snow emergency, a lot of roads remained snow covered through Thursday night.

That didn't stop the Hollard family from getting groceries for their ski trip on Friday.

"Route 940 was a sheet of ice," Maggie Holland said. "We were going 20 miles per hour the whole way."

Eyewitness News caught a few people in Stroudsburg trying to dig out before the second storm hit.

George Osadtsa was one of the people trying to keep the sidewalks clean.

"I'll be happy when the fun and games are over," Osadtsa said in reference to the snow. "What happened to global warming? That's what I want to know!"
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