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Monday Storm Causes Tricky Travel at 3 County Junction

A slushy snow accumulation caused treacherous travel conditions in the Gouldsboro area.

Near Gouldsboro, Wayne County -- A spun out car along Interstate 380 Northbound in Lehigh Township showed just how treacherous the Monday morning commute became. A flatbed truck joined state police and PennDOT in responding to the scene near where Wayne, Lackawanna and Monroe Counties all meet.

Spring Hill Chimney Company worker Alexander Sepulveda stopped in nearby Coolbaugh Township to fuel up after finding the going tricky. "Terrible roads, you know. You don't see that many people driving. You know, slipping everywhere."

In nearby Gouldsboro, 9-year-old Alison Vega waited for her North Pocono School District bus ride to school that was running behind schedule. "It comes at 8:05 so this is the first one it's coming late," said the 4th grader. 40 minutes late, in fact. Her father, Elvin, was concerned about the roads after talking to his wife who headed out earlier. "She told me the car is always slipping."

Despite the latest in a series of frequent storms, it seems some are far from winter weary. "You just get used to it after a while I guess," said Andrew Calkins who owns Davinko Food Mart on Main Street in Coolbaugh Township. Mr. Sepulveda added, "Yeah, I'm used to it."

If anybody should be weary of the winter storms so far it's PennDOT. They say even though this storm in particular isn't a big one, it still requires the same amount of materials and preparations as a massive storm." Perhaps Mr. Calkins summed it up best with half of winter and an unknown number of storms remaining. "Take it easy, drive slow. You'll be okay, you know. Shovel and plow and... it's the same thing every year so I mean it's not like it's any different."

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