Managing Your Electric Bill

Managing Your Electric Bill

Starting this month, you could see a dramatic increase on your electric bill . The brutal winter has many electric companies raising rates. How much your rates go up, will depend on your utility provider .
Next time you get your electric bill , you could see a dramatic increase depending on your provider.
Met-Ed customer Debbie Hutzel is facing a 25.point one percent increase.

"It's not good at all I can't afford it as it is so its going to be tough  "

Hutzel added "I work for the school district so  when I am off in the summer and when the bills go up I dont have a pay check during the summer so its going to be tough"

Rates go up every quarter, but this time, utility companies are trying to recoup their losses from the harsh winter.

Met-Ed customer Richard Snyder doesn't understand why utility companies have free range to raise rates so drastically.

"It is ridiculous absolutely ridiculous I cant believe that PA Utilities Commission can't do something about the utility brokers in the state there a free range to raise their utility rates its nuts "

 Some customers say they have no choice , but to start shopping around for other providers,

if you would like to know if you will see an increase on your next electric bill visit The site has listed all the area utility providers with how much their utility increase will be ... as well as a link to shop around for other providers.

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