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Luzerne County Police Department Under Investigation

Questions are being raised about whether or not Luzerne County Police Officer was properly registered with the State. If the Officer was not registered, the citations he issued could be challenged in court.
Jackson Township, Luzerne County-An investigation is underway into the Jackson Township Police Department in Luzerne County-- it deals with the registration of an officer who was hired last month--The Officer's name is not being released but the I-Team has learned that questions are being raised as to whether or not the officer was properly registered with the state--Under State regulations all officers must be certified and registered with the Municipal Police Officer's Education and Training Commission--   A spokesman for the agency told Eyewitness News that the Officer is certified and qualified to be on the street but when asked if that officer was registered with the state, he referred this reporter to the Luzerne County District Attorney's Office..   

The acting Police Chief in Jackson Township John Saranchak said the Officers registration was sent to the state two or three weeks ago and even faxed last Friday when questions were raised about the issue and further the Chief said the Officer was on traffic duty only one day and that all of the citations issued that day was signed by the Chief-- Chief Saranchak said if there is an issue with citation he would call the Officer as a witness and that he, the Chief would prosecute the case--  The Officer is not responsible for registering with the State but rather the Police Chief or a supervisor must file the paperwork-- The District Attorney's Office had no comment on the investigation.
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