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Local Students Graduate from Wilkes University Upward Bound

The Upward Bound Program is a three-year program that is federally funded and designed to prepare eligible high school students for success in post-secondary education.
Commencement ceremonies for the Wilkes University Upward Bound Program  were held May 1, celebrating the achievements of 32 graduates from area high schools. The Upward Bound Program is a three-year program that is federally funded and designed to prepare eligible high school students for success in post-secondary education.
The welcome at the ceremony was given by Paul Adams, Wilkes vice president, student affairs, and the keynote speaker for the event was Del Lucent, who is an assistant professor of physics and bioengineering at Wilkes University.
Dawn Harding, director of Upward Bound ,recognized the 2014 award recipients. Sean Reilly from Hanover Area High School was awarded the Dr. Eugene Hammer Student of the Year Award for demonstrating outstanding participation and commitment, growing in both academics and personal development, and exemplifying the qualities of the Upward Bound Program.
Heather Williams from Holy Redeemer High School was awarded the John P. Kebles Award for Citizenship. The Citizenship Award is given to the student who through actions and words is a model member of the program in their school and community.
Kayhla Waters of Nanticoke Area High School received the Award for Academics, which recognizes the student who consistently achieved academic honors and displayed exceptional effort in Upward Bound work.
Miriam Finkelstein of Wyoming Valley West High School was awarded the Edwin L. Johnson Award for Service, which recognizes the member who demonstrates caring, active leadership while motivating their peers by example and service.
Zachary McKitish from Pittston Area High School received the Kimberly E. Kalinas Award for Progress, which is awarded to the student who consistently demonstrated improvement in their performance in both academics and co-curricular activities.
Michael Stowell of Wyoming Valley West High School received The Award for the Arts, which is given in memory of Tom Jarmiolowski Jr., who worked for Upward Bound in many capacities for 10 years. The award recognizes the student who has shown outstanding effort and achievement in the arts in the program, in school and in the community.
Adrian Thomas from GAR High School was awarded with the Alumni Association Award for Commitment, which recognized his long-standing commitment to the program.
Charles Salvo, a guidance counselor from Holy Redeemer High School, was recognized with the Service to the Youth Award for his continued support to the students in the program.
Returning to lead the seniors in the traditional candle lighting ceremony was Matthew Yatison from the class of 2013.

The graduates are pictured, from left to right: 1st row: Sean Reilly, Hanover Area; Saray Sosa, Coughlin; Anait Guzman, Coughlin; Kaila Slack, Pittston Area; Melissa Robles, Meyers; Maggie May, Hanover Area; Adrian Thomas, GAR; 2nd row: Elizabeth Dohman, Coughlin; Marissa Brady, Nanticoke Area; Vanessa Tlatenchi, GAR; Steven Tlatenchi, Coughlin; Kayhla Waters, Nanticoke Area; Miriam Finkelstein, Wyoming Valley West; Tanya Roque, Meyers;
rd row: Kimberly Lozada, Coughlin; Melanie Maskowski, Meyers; Jasmine Morningstar, Nanticoke Area; Breanna Middleton, Nanticoke Area; Michael  Stowell, Wyoming Valley West;
4th row: Michelle Emil, Wyoming Valley West; Shelby Goss, Nanticoke Area; Samantha Hilenski, Holy Redeemer; Alyssa Clocker, Holy Redeemer; Ingrid DaCosta, Coughlin; Heather Williams, Holy Redeemer;
5th row: Meitar Dougherty, Wyoming Valley West; Zachary McKitish, Pittston Area; Alvaro Izaguirre, GAR; Karissa Whitman, Meyers; Michael Shiffka, Nanticoke Area; Wesley Pashinski, Wyoming Valley West.
Absent from photo: Kenneth Werkheiser, Coughlin

(Information from Vicki Mayk Director of Public Relations and Editor, Wilkes magazine

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