Little League World Series: Big City Big Dreams

Little League World Series: Big City Big Dreams

Some of the best ball players around are now competing in the annual Little League World Series. Joe Garrison has more on one team from a Big City trying to live out even bigger dreams.
South Williamsport, Lycoming County-  This baseball team from Chicago is having the summer of a lifetime. They are one of sixteen teams competing in the annual Little League World Series. On the practice field the joy of playing the game comes through. They appear physically and mentally tough.

“We're a pretty all around team. I believe we have all the aspects of the game and the way our mind is set up.” boasted Lawrence Noble who is an Outfielder

Back home this team plays in the Jackie Robinson Little League in the south side of Chicago. Some of their fans say their strengths include their hitting and their teamwork.

“They are like brothers. They take care. We have a top of the lineup and a bottom. If the top ain't hitting so they come and hit so they work together real well. And they take care of each other and that is what I love about them.” said Myrtle Houston a proud Baseball Parent

“If there is no teamwork, there is no game because there is no I in team. We have to work together to get the job done.” added Marquis Jackson who plays Second Base

Their league is part of the Little League Urban Initiative, which supports leagues in urban neighborhoods. The program gives players a chance to play and succeed.

“It's something put together so the guys in the inner cities learn the game and love the game like we do.” noted Great Lakes Manager Darold Butler

For the love of the game, what better reason is there to play baseball.

  The team from Chicago play Sunday at Two O'clock against a team from Las Vegas Nevada.
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