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Kids Enjoy Yet Another Snow Day

Students are finding many ways to pass the time while they are snowed out of school.
Kids enjoy the say off from School in Monroe County.
Kids enjoy the say off from School in Monroe County.

East Stroudsburg, Monroe County-  School was out and fun was in as many students had a snow day Monday. “I was so happy, I was so happy,” repeated East Stroudsburg South High School student Sean Quetell.


Elementary student Chelsea Eppler smiled, “Yay!” She spent some time building a snow man and shoveling. She said shoveling was better than school because “School is too much work.”


Some kids used the break to find work. “I’m a hustler. I’m a go-getter,” said Quetell. He and two friends traveled door to door selling their snow shoveling services. "You make money. It's fun. It's a workout,” he said.


While they made money, others spent money. A pair of junior high students walked a few blocks to the grocery store from some essentials. Roy Giraldo got milk, bread, and cocoa puffs. He said, "There was nothing to do on a snow day so I don't like to sit around and play video games most of the time. I just like to be outside."


Looking at the forecast it’s likely they will end up with more time outside this week.

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