I-Team LCTA: In Court 6 pm

I-Team LCTA: In Court 6 pm

Luzerne County Transportation Authority employees and a former chairman insist that ghost riders exist. Those claims were made at a hearing today for executive director, Stanley Strelish and the Director of Operations, Robb Henderson. The two are accused of defrauding the state out of millions of dollars by padding senior ridership numbers. Our lead I-Team Reporter Andy Mehalshick has an I-team follow-up
LCTA Executive Director Stanley Strelish- arrived at district court near Harrisburg with his attorneys. Also here this day is Robb Henderson, LCTA Director of Operations. Both face dozens of charges for allegedly pressuring bus drivers to pad senior ridership numbers. State prosecutors say the LCTA defrauded the state out of $3.1 million dollars. Robert Lurinski is a former LCTA board chairman.

"Andy questions Robert Turinski, Former LCTA Board Chairman: Andy- "Without a doubt you were told that Mr. Strelish was ordering bus drivers to pad-hit the button for senior riders? Turinski- "Yes sir. At that time it was called ghost riders . We found out it was hit the button telling supervisors hit the button get more ridership up."

Turinski testified that he confronted Strelish about the allegations.

Turinkski told the I-Team "I asked him if he was still going to send fraudulent reports to state for the senior citizen. He basically told me  that COLTS does it. No! He hesitated shucked about it  i told him that."

Defense lawyers grilled Turinski about why he never reported this information to anyone including county officials.

"A private investigator hired by PennDOT testified that Robb Henderson told him that drivers would hit the button 20 or 30 tines a day than the actual number of senior riders. Five bus drivers are expected to testify Tuesday.
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