I-Team: Landlord Concerns

I-Team: Landlord Concerns

Hazleton officials say they are preparing an arrest warrant for the owner of a dilapidated property.. The property was the scene of a fire in April of 2013 and a huge pile of debris remains
Hazleton, Luzerne County- Hazleton City officials say enough is enough.

They are planning a trip to New Jersey to arrest that landlord unless she cleans up the property and pays some $30,000 in fines. 
They are preparing an arrest warrant for a landlord they say abandoned a fire gutted property.

A pile of debris on McKinley Street is all that's left of a double block home.

Fire ripped through the home about a year ago but the landlord has allegedly refused to clean up the property

City police are working with the Luzerne County District Attorneys office and say they will arrest the landlord if she does not remove the debris.

The I-Team is unable to reach the landlord for comment.

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