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Hungry For Success: Local Woman to Compete in National Hot Dog Eating Contest

A Monroe County woman is training to chow down on hot dogs later this summer.

Mount Pocono, Monroe County – It’s known as the Super Bowl of professional eating; the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest on Coney Island. LarellMarie Mele of Monroe County will be one of 14 women on the stage for the big event on July fourth.


Mele is a personal trainer and a professional eater. She laughed, "It is recognized as a sport. Not everyone will admit it but when you're competing it is considered a sport."


She recently qualified for the famous Nathan’s contest. "It's just so much fun. It's fun. It's exciting. You get an adrenaline rush,” she smiled.


Mele has always loved food. She recalled, "I have always like from the time I was like grade school have had like a stupid big appetite." She can down more than twenty hot dogs in one sitting and one she’s done, she likes to top it off with an ice cream sundae.

The athlete only does extreme eating when competing or preparing for competitions. Otherwise, she keeps a healthy diet. She noted, "As with anything, it's with moderation. I don't think any of the eaters eat like that normal."


You can watch Mele compete on ESPN 2 July 4th at 2p.m.

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