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Hughesville High School Chorus in a New York State of Mind

Some good vibes from Lycoming County. The Hughesville High School Chorus will be performing in front of the Statue of Liberty Wednesday morning. Eyewitness News Reporter Valerie Tysanner tunes us in to their last rehearsal before the trip.
Hughesville, Lycoming County -Singing in front of the Statue of Liberty is a big honor for a once little high school choir.

Hughesville High School Chorus group is heading to the Statue of Liberty Wednesday morning for a live performance... Something the students have been looking forward to for months.


The Hughesville Chorus will sing ten songs in front of lady liberty..

Director Brian Barckley says the trip is an important achievement for the choir and he is grateful the group is able to go at all.


Thanks to a recent recruitment drive... The chorus has more than doubled in size over the last year. Jumping from just 18 members... To 52. A trend Barckley believes will continue thanks to the friendship and love for music his students have been developing over the last year.

 The performance will be streamed live so family members and students can watch in Lycoming County.
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