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Honoring America's 238th Anniversary

Declaration of Independence read aloud July 3rd
The 911 memorial committee of Lackawanna County hosted its third annual reading aloud of the Declaration of Independence on July 3rd on Spruce St in conjunction with the Scrantastic event. Charlie Spano, chair of the committee has organized volunteers for the reading.

The Declaration of Independence was adopted July 4, 1776 and listed the rationale for and specific reasons causing the break with England and the desire of the English colonies to become a free and independent nation. The Dclaration of Independence was read aloud to the Continental Army then in New York and under the command of General George Washington at 6 pm on July 9th on their parade grounds. The parade grounds were on New York's Commons, which is very near today's City Hall.

On July 8th, the citizens of Philadelphia were summoned to the State House Yard by the bells of the city. At 12:00 noon, Colonel John Nixon publicly read the Declaration of Independence for the first time.

(Information from Charles Spano)
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