Historic Home Gets a Make Over

Historic Home Gets a Make Over

Money from a power company is helping to restore a home in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.

Bushkill, Pike County – Delaware Water Gap National Park Superintendent John Donahue has driven by an old white house at the corner of Bushkill Falls Road and Route 209 just about every day for eleven years. He said, "It's broken my heart that we haven't been able to get money to stabilize it and restore it."


The house is called The Peter’s House, after the Peters family. That family founded Bushkill Falls. They build the home in the 18th century."It's important to the region. It's important to the national park service,” noted Donahue.


The park service didn’t have enough money to stabilize the crumbling home until PPL Electric stepped in. The electric company is building a transmission line that will run through three national park properties. Many people fought against the project. To balance some of the issues that a power line might cause, PPL gave $66 million to upgrade park facilities. PPL Spokesman Paul Wirth said, "What's important to us is to build power lines in a way that minimizes impact o people and the environment and this was one way to do that."


So far some of the money for stabilizing The Peter’s House has helped replace windows, doors, paint, siding, gutters, and the roof. Exhibit Specialist Mark Segro said, "For me it's about preserving the past and keeping that alive and keeping the building traditions alive and keeping that historic architecture alive." He has done a lot of the work on the house and said he is proud of how it’s coming along. He smiled, "I just really have a keen interest and passion since I've been a kid for historic buildings and historic construction."


The National Park Service is working on a plan for how to spend more of the PPL money. The public will be allowed to have input.



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