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Hand Dipped and Delicious- Easter Eggs

Parishioners of one Luzerne County church rolled up their sleeves for their biggest fundraiser of the year . For decades,the Shickshinny First Methodist Church has been making thousands of chocolate Easter Eggs
The smell of chocolate  and peanut butter filled the kitchen of the Shickshinny First Methodist Church on Tuesday as a small but hard-working group of  men  and women came together to cook up one of the tastiest fundraisers in town.

What began in a church member's kitchen decades ago from a family recipe has now grown to dozens of helpers making over 15 thousand eggs.
 This egg making event is the biggest fundraiser for the church ....
While the process looks simple it takes alot of time and volunteers  some who don't even attend the church.

if you would like to order chocolate eggs from the Shickshinny First Methodist Church.. www.recipemadereal.com, or call 570-406-2639.
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