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Good Friday Cross Walk Through Danville

Pine Street Lutheran Church hosted the annual tradition.
Danville, Montour County-  Nearly 100 people came together for the annual spiritual walk around Danville on Good Friday.
   The faithful gathered 11 am on Friday Morning outside the Pine Street Lutheran Church.
     People from all denominations worked together to carry the heavy cross and share the message of faith.
    Participants say other people from the community joined the procession as they made their journey.

  "Today we picked up some stragglers along the way, they just joined right in. and there were people in cars who were looking - what's goin on here!" said Pastor Keith Pittsnogle
  Those taking the journey of cross on Friday say it is an emotional time
"It's an emotional time. You go through a number of emotions. deep sadness, and then the final celebration." said Lois Gensil of Danville

The church says the number of people participating has been rising for the last few years.

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