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Girl Pulled Into Storm Drain Shares Her Story

12-year-old Taylor Russell was swept into a storm drain on Monday. Now she's at home and recovering. She shared her story with Eyewitness News.
Frackville, Schuylkill County - When 12-year-old Taylor Russell heads back to school she'll have quite the story to share about her summer.

"I'm going to be like 'excuse me I fell in a storm drain'," she said. "It was quite a ride."

Russell had a lot of smiles and laughs when Eyewitness News talked to her on Wednesday, but the bumps and bruises she has show the horror the little girl went through Monday afternoon.

Taylor and her friends were checking out flash flooding at a drain pipe along Arch Street in Frackville when she fell into the drain.

"It sucked me under," she recalled. "My sister was trying to help me. My two best friends were trying to help me and they couldn't help me because I was pulling my sister in."

Taylor, who lost her mom to cancer last year, was stuck under ground for hundreds of feet.

"It was pretty scary but I didn't want to struggle and I didn't want to open my mouth," she said. "All I was trying to think about was praying and getting out alive."

When Taylor came out of the pipe she was swept another half-mile down stream.

While crews searched for her Taylor's dad, Brian, feared for the worst.

"I had my mind set that I was going to bury my daughter," he said.

When Taylor was pulled to safety she actually asked the firefighters if her dad was okay.

Taylor told Eyewitness News that she hopes other kids stay away from the drain. She said she feels fortunate to have made it out alive with only minor injuries.

"It's just people are sometimes lucky," she said.

Taylor said she is afraid of water right now and wakes up with nightmares.

The family said they plan on honoring the firefighter who pulled Taylor to safety.
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