Gilberton Residents React To Settlement With Kessler

Gilberton Residents React To Settlement With Kessler

On Thursday Gilberton officials agreed to a settlement with former Police Chief, Mark Kessler. Eyewitness News talked to Gilberton residents who said they're glad the debacle seems to be over.
Gilberton, Schuylkill County - A foul-mouthed, controversial police chief is no longer the top cop in one Schuylkill County borough.

Officials reached a settlement with former gilberton police Chief Mark Kessler. As part of the deal Kessler will receive $30,000.

Mark Kessler was suspended without pay in July of last year when several profanity laced videos that showed him using borough guns surfaced.

The videos put the small borough of Gilberton in the national spotlight.

Helen Gownley has lived in Gilberton for almost 70 years. She said the videos Kessler appeared in were awful.

"It's just a shame that a situation like that occurred," Gownley said. "What can you do? It's just that it reflects on our town."

After he was suspended Kessler threatened to sue the borough.

The legal battle ended on Thursday when both sides agreed to a settlement that pays the former police chief $30,000.

"Now it's over and everyone can get on with things," Gownley said.

As part of the settlement the borough can't protest any claims Kessler makes for unemployment. It also mentions that Kessler can't have any contact with Gilberton Borough officials.

Charlie Greenly, a Gilberton resident, said he's happy this debacle is over.

"It'll just be on less hassle," Greenly said.

According to Gilberton Mayor, Mary Lou Hannon the money for Kessler will come out of a general fund and they won't have to raise taxes.

Greenly said he's glad the borough can put this all behind them.

"We just don't need it," he said. "He didn't have to do it that way. If he would have put on a suit and tie, sat down everybody would have listened and it would have been over with."

During his podcast Friday afternoon Kessler announced he's signed a deal to star in a reality-tv show. The show will focus on Kessler's support for the constitution and second ammendment.
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