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Free Meter Parking in Carbondale

Council waives fees due to a lot of snow in the area
Carbondale, Lackawanna County- Drivers don't have to feed the parking meters in part of Lackawanna County because of the rough winter.
  Carbondale City Council lifted parking meter fees earlier this week.
  The decision came because leftover snow limited many non-meter parking spaces in and around the downtown.
  The free parking cuts into Carbondale's 12-hundred dollars it averages weekly in parking revenues but many say it's worth it.

Frank Molinaro of Chapman Lake said  "It's a good gift for a day because a lot of elderly people live in the area and basically they have to climb over snow banks and, you know, they like to come for a coffee in the morning and it will be a good thing for anybody... Especially the elderly."
Mary Fryer of Carbondale agreed "I think it's a wonderful idea. Should have done it a week ago (laughs). Nobody can be climbing over the mounds of snow."
"Oh, I think it's a good thing for us and all the businesses 'cause and it's also hard for people to climb over the snow banks so I think it's keeping people safer but it's good for business." noted Judy Reahm of McDonnell's Family Restuarant
     There's no word on how long Carbondale will waive meter parking fees in that part of Lackawanna County.
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