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Forensic Testimony & Jail Confession at Bonacci Homicide Trial

Forensic testimony and a reported jailhouse confession were the highlights of an ongoing homicide trial in Lackawanna County.
Forensic testimony and a jailhouse confession were the highlights of an ongoing homicide trial in Lackawanna County on Friday.

The first week in the Jason Dominick trial is now complete.

Dominick is accused of killing Frank Bonacci of Dunmore last summer and then sending his Jeep off a 72-foot ravine.

The testimony on Friday could prove very important for prosecutors.

That is because Jason Dominick's attorney doesn't dispute his client being there when Bonacci was killed but he says Jason Dominick is not the killer.

He says Neil Pal, the other man in the vehicle pulled the trigger, so the direction the bullet came from could be critical in jury deliberations.

Dr. Gary Ross testified that the gunshot that killed Frank Bonacci "certainly came from behind him."

Testifying on the fifth day of Dominick's homicide trial, the forensic pathologist showed several graphic pictures to the jury.

Police believe Frank Bonacci was sitting in the passenger seat of his silver Jeep Liberty when he was shot at close range in the back of the neck.

Investigators believe Dominick was the one sitting behind Bonacci and his accomplice Neil Pal was driving the vehicle.

Under cross-examination by defense attorney Bernie Brown, Dr. Ross admitted that he could not determine the position of Bonacci's head at the time he was shot. He didn't know for certain if Bonacci was facing forward, or to the right or left.

Inmate Anthony Rusielewicz also took the stand on Friday afternoon.

While he was behind bars in Monroe County with Jason Dominick, Rusielewicz claims that Dominick admitted that he shot Bonacci after Neil Pal gave him the gun and "egged him on."

Rusielewicz went through four pages of notes that he took about Dominick's case but the accused killer's lawyer tried to discredit his testimony.

Defense attorney Bernie Brown believes the inmate only came forward to get leniency on another criminal case that he is currently awaiting sentencing for.

The day ended with Scranton crime scene investigators taking the stand.

The prosecution will continue calling more witnesses on Monday morning.
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