Follow Up on Schuylkill County Mine Incident

Follow Up on Schuylkill County Mine Incident

1 Mine worker from the D & F Deep Mine Coal Company who were injured on March 3rd remain in the hospital today T.J.Kennedy was released from the hospital March 6th. Meanwhile, Justin Reninger continues to improve and is in fair condition.
25 year old T.J. Kennedy has been released from the hospital and Justin Reninger is in fair condition following a March 3rd mining incident.

It happened along Valley Road in Cass Township at the "D and F" Deep Mine as the two individuals were placing face props in the mine.

After removing one of the props, a section of the roof broke loose and collapsed onto the workers.

Officials confirm to Eyewitness News that the two men worked in the mine.

Officials from PA-DEP Deep Mine Safety and MHSA (Mine Health and Safety) are investigating the collapse.

These organizations will take the lead on further investigation as the accident occurred inside of an underground mine.

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