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Drivers Brave White Out Conditions

Business people explain why they had to battle the weather.

Jackson Township, Monroe County – Pete Booth got behind the wheel of his truck to drive from Mountaintop in Luzerne County to New York City. "To make a living, you gotta earn money and sitting home I don't make money,” he said.


It normally takes about 40 minutes for him to get to the Pocono region. Thursday he said it took an hour and a half in heavy snow with near white out conditions. “Not goods, roads are very slick,” he complained.


We met him when he took a break at the Jackson Township rest area just after the 80/380 split. The staff there tried to keep the walkway clear but the snow came down so fast that as soon as they reached one end they had to start over.


Natalie Smith climbed through the snow to take a break at the rest stop. She said, "I was able to trudge through because I do have studded snows on the front of my Altima, and that is kind of why I traveled with these."


Smith added she had to travel because she owns a tire store in Stroudsburg and she had to be available for her customers. She said, "Losing business for a day, that's pretty brutal. It happened once already last week so I can't let it happen."



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