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Dog Park Fundraising Scam in Lewisburg

A businessman in Lewisburg is accused of scamming other businesses owners and people who live there... out of their money. County officials say it happened when he set up a fund for a year round dog park. Eyewitness news reporter Valerie Tysanner has our story from Union County
Union County- Right now... The dog park in Lewisburg is only open for a few months of the year.

 Right now it's seasonal so it's an ice rink that turns into a summer camp that turns into a dog park

So when the Buffalo Valley Recreation Authority began tossing around the idea of a year round dog park a lot of dog lovers got excited.

Including a local businessman... named Elijah Love.

 So he began a fundraising campaign. But that's where the situation gets tricky.
The B-V-R-A says they aren't associated with his fundraiser and have no idea how much money he may have collected in the dog park's name.
"We did get some phone calls from businesses and individuals that were just confused about the solicitations that were going on." said Katie Davis of the Buffalo Valley Recreation Authority

Elijah used his business- EZ Value pack to promote the dog park fundraiser saying those who donated to the park would get a spot in his advertising booklet. But business owners in the area say , Elijah was a really good talker and the EZ-value pack is a scam.
That's when Elijah packed up his things, and left town.
According to an update posted to Elijah's dog park Facebook page, after the B-V-R-A contacted him, he is now publicly disassociating  even promising to refund the park "sponsors" money. But  some local business owners say they remain skeptical..
Eyewitness News calls to Elijah Love for comment were not immediately returned.
  If you're interested in donating to the dog park - you can give a check to the Buffalo Valley Recreation Authority, and write "dog park" in the memo line.

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