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Doctors Warn of Snow Shoveling Dangers

A doctor explains the health warning signs to watch out for while shoveling.

East Stroudsburg, Monroe County – Monday’s snow was heavier than much of the snow that fell earlier this winter. Doctors warn shoveling heavy snow can lead to some serious health issues, including heart attacks.  

College student Angela Achey spent Monday morning shoveling her driveway in East Stroudsburg. She said, "I'm sweating. It's a nice workout. That means I don't have to go to the gym today."

It’s a nice work out for someone who is young and fit. But if you don’t usually exercise shoveling heavy snow can be dangerous. Doctor Jonathan Goldner of Pocono Medical Center said, "On a day like today we will see sometimes one or two heart attacks that occur when somebody has been shoveling snow."

Goldner told Eyewitness News any vigorous exercise puts a strain on your heart. He said if you aren’t sure you are fit enough to shovel you should consult your doctor. If you notice unusual symptoms get to the hospital right away. He said, "If you are shoveling and you do get chest pain or you get shortness of breath that's out of character for the amount of exertion you're doing, break out in a bad sweat, feel terribly sick you should stop and immediately call 911 and come to the hospital so that you can be evaluated."

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